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debug obisort

parent 7c935b45
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ all_sample_sequences_tag_spygen="${dereplicated_all/.fasta/.tag_spygen.fasta}"
ecotag -d "$REF_DATABASE"/"${base_pref}" -R "$spygen_bdr_fasta" $dereplicated_all > $all_sample_sequences_tag_spygen
##The sequences can be sorted by decreasing order of count
obisort -k count -r $all_sample_sequences_tag > $all_sample_sequences_sort
obisort -k count -r $all_sample_sequences_tag_spygen > $all_sample_sequences_sort
##generate a table final results
obitab -o $all_sample_sequences_sort > final/all_spygen.csv
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