Commit c172c66b authored by peguerin's avatar peguerin
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parent 2019358a
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ def curation(curateCsvFile, results, taxDic, ncbi):
currentName = extract_species_name_from_description(record.description)
curatedName = query_curation(currentName, dfCure)
if curatedName is False:
sys.exit("ERROR in {0}: faulty taxon name {1} not found.".format(curateCsvFile, currentName))
sys.exit("ERROR: faulty taxon name {1} not found in file {0}.".format(curateCsvFile, currentName))
if curatedName in ["NaN", "Na", "NA", "", None, "nan"]:
print("application obitaxonommy")
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