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R package checker
# Introduction
R package checker is a tool to check if a new version of an R package (you might be developing) brakes any package which depends on it.
It works with a Bash script and an optional simple web interface. It runs R CMD CHECK on every package that depends on the package to test.
The execution of the R CMD CHECK can be parallelized by giving the corresponding option to the Bash script.
XVFB is used to perform graphical actions even without being under a running X server. JQuery is used to present check results.
There is basically three ways to use R package checker :
* Call the Bash script directly and watch the output
* Call the Bash script directly with the --html option to produce a real-time html output
* Setup the Php files and adapt values in config.php to manage test launch and results viewing.
## Table of content
1. [Screenshots](#screenshots)
2. [Requirements](#requirements)
3. [Usage](#installation)
1. Direct Bash call
* without --html
* with --html
2. With the basic web interface
# Screenshots
Bash script output :
# Requirements
* MANDATORY any version of R (results will be different from one version to another)
* OPTIONAL Php enabled web server
* Java is probably needed by one of the packages depending on the package to check
# Usage
Adjust variables in config.php :
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