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......@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@ There is basically three ways to use R package checker :
1. [Screenshots](#screenshots)
2. [Requirements](#requirements)
3. [Usage](#installation)
1. Direct Bash call
3. [Usage](#usage)
1. [Direct Bash call](#Direct Bash call)
* without --html
* with --html
2. With the basic web interface
2. [With the basic web interface](#With the basic web interface)
# Screenshots
......@@ -46,11 +46,50 @@ Simple web interface examples :
* OPTIONAL Php enabled web server
* Java is probably needed by one of the packages depending on the package to check
* Many libraries are probably needed to install dependencies of package to test. If an INSTALL or a CHECK fails, it is quite easy to determine if it is due to a missing lib and which lib it is.
# Usage
Adjust variables in config.php :
## Direct Bash call
This is the simple way to use the R package checker. The script prints current steps in stdout and all R output files in the output directory (-d|--dest DESTINATION_DIRECTORY).
Here are the script options :
``` PACKAGE_TO_TEST [-l|--libuser R_USER_LIB_VALUE] [-d|--dest DESTINATION_DIRECTORY] [-m|--mail MAIL_TO] [-u|--urlresult URL] [-r|--repo PACKAGE_TO_TEST_REPO] [-x | --xvfb XVFB-RUN PATH] [-n | --nbcores NBCORES] [-s | --skipinstall] [-h | --html]
PACKAGE_TO_TEST : package to test
-r | --repo PACKAGE_TO_TEST_REPO : repository of package you want to test (DEFAULT : R-CRAN)
-l | --libuser R_LIBS_USER : directory where packages depending on PACKAGE_TO_TEST are going to be installed (DEFAULT : R will choose it)
This directory can be used several times for several tests. Using same directory several times will save time.
This directory can exist or not. If not, it will be created
-d | --dest DESTINATION_DIRECTORY : result directory where HTML result and test files are produced (DEFAULT : ./check_PKGNAME_DATE)
-m | --mail MAIL_TO : email address for real time user information (DEFAULT : NO MAIL WILL BE SENT)
-u | --urlresult URL : if -m option was set, this http link to test results will be sent instead of a file path (DEFAULT : destination directory absolute path)
-x | --xvfb PATH : Specific path to xvfb-run script (DEFAULT : 'xvfb-run')
-n | --nbcores NBCORES : Number of cores for parallel executions of installations (Ncpu parameter) and number of simultaneous checks (DEFAULT : 1)
-s | --skipinstall : flag to skip the packages update/installation
-h | --html : generate html report in DESTINATION_DIRECTORY/index.html . Will download jquery in destination directory
### without --html
The script will not produce any fancy output. You'll have to find and read files to see the results of a check.
If there is a failure, check in the output/destination directory to find the corresponding .Rout file.
### with --html
Using the --html option, each step triggers the update of an html page located in the destination/output directory. This page contains the same information than the simple web interface but is static html which does not need Php and a webserver.
## With the basic web interface
To setup and use the web interface you need to :
* Copy view.php, start.php, config.php in a directory inside your web root
* Adjust variables in config.php :
// name of the package to test
$package_to_test = "mypkg";
......@@ -81,4 +120,5 @@ $nb_threads = 4;
// (will prefix start.php and view.php in links)
$base_url = "";
* Visit to launch a check.
* Follow the link given by start.php to view.php to see the real time check progress.
......@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@ cd $DESTINATION
if [[ $HTMLFLAG == 1 ]]; then
echo "Downloading jquery inside result folder..."
wget -o $DESTINATION/jquery-1.7.2.min.js
wget -O $DESTINATION/jquery-1.7.2.min.js
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