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Biological Reviews added

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......@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@
"Zoologica Scripta" "evolution/systematics" "Wiley" "hybrid" "Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters; Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences" "Uni/Gouv" "" "none" 2500 "2.603" "Frederic_Delsuc"
"Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society" "evolution/systematics" "Oxford University Press" "hybrid" "Linnean Society" "Society" "" "none" 2812 "2.824" "Frederic_Delsuc"
"Zoosystema" "evolution/systematics" "BioOne" "diamond_OA" "Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle" "Museum" "" "none" 0 "0.434" "Frederic_Delsuc"
"Biological Reviews" "general" "Wiley" "hybrid" "Cambridge Philosophical Society" "Society" "" "none" "3300" "10.7" "Carole_Smadja"
"Biology Letters" "general" "The Royal Society" "hybrid" "The Royal Society" "Society" "" "none" 2040 "2.869" "Carole_Smadja"
"Biology Open" "general" "The Company of Biologists" "OA" "The Company of Biologists" "Non-profit" "" "none" 1531 "2.029" "Carole_Smadja"
"Bioscience" "general" "Oxford University Press" "hybrid" "American Institute of Biological Sciences" "Non-profit" "" "none" 1883 "8.282" "Carole_Smadja"
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