Commit 51ab418e authored by RomainFeron's avatar RomainFeron
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Changed examples to example and added chromosomes names file

parent 0a592601
CP020621.1 Chr01
CP020622.1 Chr02
CP020623.1 Chr03
CP020624.1 Chr04
CP020625.1 Chr05
CP020626.1 Chr06
CP020627.1 Chr07
CP020628.1 Chr08
CP020629.1 Chr09
CP020630.1 Chr10
CP020631.1 Chr11
CP020632.1 Chr12
CP020633.1 Chr13
CP020634.1 Chr14
CP020635.1 Chr15
CP020636.1 Chr16
CP020637.1 Chr17
CP020638.1 Chr18
CP020639.1 Chr19
CP020640.1 Chr20
CP020641.1 Chr21
CP020642.1 Chr22
CP020643.1 Chr23
CP020644.1 Chr24
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