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The RADSex computational workflow was developed in the [LPGP]( lab from INRA, Rennes, France for the PhyloSex project, which investigates sex determining factors in a wide range of fish species.
### Citing RADSex
If you use RADSex in your work, please cite the [preprint describing RADSex](
> Feron, R., Pan, Q., Wen, M., Imarazene, B., Jouanno, E., Anderson, J., Herpin, A., Journot, L., Parrinello, H., Klopp, C. and Kottler, V.A., 2020. RADSex: a computational workflow to study sex determination using Restriction Site-Associated DNA Sequencing data. BioRxiv.
To properly cite RADSex, you should also cite the software and its version using the DOI provided in the badges above:
> Romain Feron. (2020, April 29). SexGenomicsToolkit/radsex: 1.1.2 (Version 1.1.2). Zenodo.
## Documentation
This README file includes a basic installation guide and a quick start section. The full documentation for RADSex, including a complete example walkthrough, is available [here](
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