Commit e5cade64 authored by RomainFeron's avatar RomainFeron
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Changed 'Pcorr' to 'CorrectedP' in map output for consistency

parent bf04af63
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ void Map::generate_output() {
// Open output file and output the header
this->output_file = open_output(this->parameters.output_file_path);
this->output_file << "Contig\tPosition\tLength\tMarker_id\tBias\tP\tPcorr\tSignif\n";
this->output_file << "Contig\tPosition\tLength\tMarker_id\tBias\tP\tCorrectedP\tSignif\n";
if (not this->parameters.disable_correction) {
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