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......@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@ CroCo : a program to detect and remove cross contamination in assembled transcri
<br /><br />
#### **Contacts**
Paul Simion : **
Khalid Belkhir : **
Maximilian Telford : **
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......@@ -378,6 +384,7 @@ Transcriptomes should be in fasta format. It is good practice to avoid as much a
Reads fastq files should use Phred33 as quality score scheme, which is usually the case by default
(If you are unsure in which quality score scheme your fastq files is encoded, see <>
or use this nice python script here <>).
Lastly, it is allowed to use compressed `fastq.gz` as input files for CroCo if you select Kallisto as the mapping tool. This feature will be available for the other tools in the next version update of CroCo.
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