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updating makefile

parent ca07ed7f
...@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ all: ...@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ all:
/usr/local/bin/gitbook build;\ /usr/local/bin/gitbook build;\
fi fi
./ _book ./ _book
cp -rf ./include _book/gitbook/ # cp -rf ./include _book/gitbook/
rm -f _book/gitbook/style.css # rm -f _book/gitbook/style.css
cp -f ./include/css/isembench.css _book/gitbook/style.css # cp -f ./include/css/isembench.css _book/gitbook/style.css
ln -s ../include/images/shredder.png _book/gitbook/images/shredder.png # ln -s ../include/images/shredder.png _book/gitbook/images/shredder.png
./ _book # ./ _book
clean: clean:
rm -rf _book rm -rf _book
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