Commit f226e01c authored by khalid's avatar khalid
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change blast dir installation

parent 563546c1
......@@ -119,11 +119,11 @@
"apt-get install python3-scipy" # demande confirmation
ncbi-blast-2.10.1: [
"cd /opt/biotools/FROGS-3.2.3/bin",
"cd /opt/biotools/",
"tar xvzf ncbi-blast-2.10.1+-x64-linux.tar.gz",
# add to FROGS
"ln -s /opt/biotools/FROGS-3.2.3/bin/ncbi-blast-2.10.1+/bin/blastn /opt/biotools/FROGS-3.2.3/libexec/."
"ln -s /opt/biotools/ncbi-blast-2.10.1+/bin/blastn /opt/biotools/FROGS-3.2.3/libexec/."
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