Commit 5e893519 authored by mmassaviol's avatar mmassaviol
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Use multistage docker build

Fast build when only workflow files changes
parent f3f5dbe4
FROM mmassaviol/mbb_workflows_base:latest
COPY files /workflow
COPY sagApp /sagApp
FROM mmassaviol/mbb_workflows_base:latest as alltools
ENV PATH /opt/biotools/InterOp-1.1.8-Linux-GNU/bin/:$PATH
RUN cd /opt/biotools \
......@@ -30,3 +27,10 @@ RUN mkdir -p /share/apps/bin \
CMD ["Rscript", "-e", "setwd('/sagApp/'); shiny::runApp('/sagApp/app.R',port=3838 , host='')"]
FROM alltools
COPY files /workflow
COPY sagApp /sagApp
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