Commit 99c4f0cf authored by mmassaviol's avatar mmassaviol
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Add 3 workflows to wapps

parent 7960ff3b
......@@ -28,3 +28,12 @@
[submodule "genomeprofiler"]
path = genomeprofiler
url =
[submodule "captureuce"]
path = captureuce
url =
[submodule "tlex3workflow"]
path = tlex3workflow
url =
[submodule "simulgpop"]
path = simulgpop
url =
Subproject commit 7033147d4bf4fae073b24d1754bbe59f65e66a7f
Subproject commit 12d07e313e6236ce87767e6df0bab89c153623c7
Subproject commit 58851ab32d1440ebffc7ccdce70a6b7922bce876
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