Commit d9885ab2 authored by khalid's avatar khalid
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Added workflows as modules

parent 84e3c78b
[submodule "variantcalling"]
path = variantcalling
url =
[submodule "virusassemblermegahit"]
path = virusassemblermegahit
url =
[submodule "rnaseqde"]
path = rnaseqde
url =
[submodule "radseqref"]
path = radseqref
url =
[submodule "radseqdenovo"]
path = radseqdenovo
url =
[submodule "mitoz"]
path = mitoz
url =
[submodule "mitoassemblermegahit"]
path = mitoassemblermegahit
url =
[submodule "metabarcodingdada2"]
path = metabarcodingdada2
url =
[submodule "longreadsassembly"]
path = longreadsassembly
url =
[submodule "genomeprofiler"]
path = genomeprofiler
url =
Subproject commit 13602735113b0595dd88d9885f5d2e631e126075
Subproject commit 76e4684cdf7dd5b3b3c0cc748bb055b17157cc5a
Subproject commit ce77a91525016a750135fa3b691b40cc2377a120
Subproject commit e913ed255ed74ff0566610d01975e49eb98a159f
Subproject commit 7916b6a7da3fcf1747be3eb79a32d921b00b7fb3
Subproject commit d778b52d669c967fac06202049fbb5b8a83fb6b4
Subproject commit 07ef147def13d6af91654f46ec74d32a268a8733
Subproject commit aa77c412bd5e7a2d7022e56512599de932b163fd
Subproject commit 061ad1b1bb58443f00b03223a4ee18c320e295d4
Subproject commit 0bf0d0882071b82ae6fd1b6542a0779dff3a804a
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