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Minor Update

Exponential_Not_Additif au lieu de Exponential_Non_Additif
parent 81a1a43b
* Titre : Climprod<p>
......@@ -72,7 +71,7 @@ public class Cadre_Faits extends JFrame {
faits=faits + "Age at the begining of environmental influence: " +Global.begin_influence_period+ s;
faits=faits + "Age at the end of environmental influence: " +Global.end_influence_period + s+s;
String[] cpu_relation={"","Linear", "Exponential","General ","Power","Quadratic","Exponential_Additif","Exponential_Non_Additif"};
String[] cpu_relation={"","Linear", "Exponential","General ","Power","Quadratic","Exponential_Additif","Exponential_Not_Additif"};
//String[] cpu_e={"Linear [CPUE=a+b.E]", "General [CPUE=(a+b.E)^(1/(c-1))]","Exponential [CPUE=a.exp(b.E)]"};
faits=faits + "Relation between CPUE and E: " +cpu_relation[Global.relationCPU_E] + s;
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