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......@@ -10,6 +10,11 @@ It was a part of MBB `portail_admin` application (wrote mainly by my former co-w
The first version was a single file; you can see it [here]( In this first version, cron files were written into `/var/www/html/exports/YYYYMM/YYYYMMDD_export-name.json`, then in `/var/www/html/exports/YYYYMM/YYYYMMDD_HH_export-name.json` and `/var/www/html/exports/YYYYMM/YYYYMMDD_HHMM_export-name.json`. In this version 2, files are located, by default, in `/var/www/html/exports/YYYYMM/DD/YYYYMMDD_HH_MM_export-name.json`.
# Examples
There are some screenshots available in the [screenshots](./screenshots/) directory.
![Host status](screenshots/jsonreader2_hosts_status.png "Host status")
## Install
The easiest way is to configure your SaltStack master in a Web server and using JSON exports directly. Nevertheless, another option would be to mount on the SaltStack master a remote directory that would be used for JSON exports and web display. Finally, another option would be to configure `salt-api`, but I did not try this for that purpose.
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