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......@@ -63,11 +63,8 @@ To access to our private server, please follow these instructions
Now you are connected to our server and you can download the required files. They are stored into : /DataEnvironment/resources
Download the content of /DataEnvironment/resources and copy it into the folder [01-infos](01-infos). Your data should be stored this way :
habitat environmental data :
* 01-infos/EUSeaMap2016_substrate_levels_med_res200m.tsv
* 01-infos/EUSeaMap2016_substrate_levels_med_res200m.tif
chlorophyll A environmental data :
* 01-infos/chlorophyll/benthic/
* 01-infos/chlorophyll/benthic/
* 01-infos/chlorophyll/benthic/
......@@ -75,8 +72,6 @@ chlorophyll A environmental data :
* 01-infos/chlorophyll/surface/Present.Surface.Chlorophyll.Mean.tif
* 01-infos/chlorophyll/surface/Present.Surface.Chlorophyll.Min.tif
# 3. Reporting bugs
If you're sure you've found a bug — e.g. if one of my programs crashes
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