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......@@ -121,6 +121,16 @@ generate a whole genome _de novo_ assembly for serran
supernova run --id=serran --fastqs=x_dir/ --localmem=470 --maxreads=298666666
refine maxreads parameters :
- To calculate the number of reads that you need, first start with an estimate of the genome size : 792.000.000 bp
- Next, set the number of reads so as to achieve 56x raw coverage. This is (genome size) x 56 / (read length). 792.000.000 x 56 / 150 = 295680000
supernova run --id=serran --fastqs=x_dir/ --localmem=360 --maxreads=250000000
### 2. Generating phased genome sequences
Once serran's assembly has completed, we generate a FASTA file representing your assembly.
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