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## Welcome to **W**orldmap of **F**ish **G**enetic **D**iversity (**WFGD**)
The app is designed to visualize biogeographic patterns of fish genetic diversity.
So, we mined the [Barcode Of Life database]( to extract mitochondrial barcode sequences of Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit 1 (COI) from marine and freshwater actinopterygii species.
Genetic diversity was estimated as the mean number of mutations per base pair for COI sequence across species within each cell on a worldwide grid with a 200-km spatial resolution.
* 514 cells for marine fishes
* 343 cells for freshwater fishes
The colour gradient represents the relative variation of intraspecific genetic diversity: the reddest square cells have the highest genetic diversity.
### Method
### Reference
**WFGD** was developped by **[Pierre-Edouard GUERIN](** and supports the following paper:
> **Global determinants of freshwater and marine fish genetic diversity**
> *Stéphanie Manel, Pierre-Edouard Guerin, David Mouillot, Simon Blanchet, Laure Velez, Camille Albouy & Loïc Pellissier*
> Nature communications. 2020 Feb 10. DOI:
The source code of the method is available at:
Last updated in February 2021
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