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retention policy; should be in pillar...

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......@@ -42,6 +42,18 @@ salt '$minion_borg_server' -v state.sls borgbackup.add_clients
To configure backup directories, please take a look at `hosts212.pillar.example`. For a more general client configuration, change the template `client/borgmatic.config.yaml`. You may need to overwrite it with a more complex pillar...
By default the retention policy is:
# Number of daily archives to keep.
keep_daily: 7
# Number of weekly archives to keep.
keep_weekly: 3
# Number of monthly archives to keep.
keep_monthly: 2
`borgbackup.client` will then look at `RsyncShareName` values and `BackupFilesExclude` (I kept the BackupPC naming format for formula compatibility).
The borgclient recipe installs `borgbackup` and [`borgmatic`]( using `pip3`.
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