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updating readme: removing useless stuff

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......@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ salt '*' state.sls check_services
Actually, I am using it with json output. Then I read the results with a specific php file every morning (cron).
`` was written to avoid old legacy style for `` ( ) calls, and the custom module (`_modules/`) [^1], but the new style, by including all services in only one `` does not allow me to check each service (not a `dict` returned).
In uses `set_grains` formula to set two main grains: `roles` and `pool`.
A cleaner way to do this would be by including all the logic into one pillar file, or with `file.managed` to the json written file + a dedicated salt mine.
[^1] Indeed, I had some synchronziation issues with custom modules on salt minions version > 2019. I needed to run `salt '*' saltutil.sync_all` or at least `salt '*' saltutil.sync_modules`.
`roles` are used to check some additional services (like `proxmox`).
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