Commit 088ca0a2 authored by peguerin's avatar peguerin
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clean ddocent temp files

parent 5894cbd6
cd 04-ddocent/mullus/
rm reference.fasta.a*
rm reference.fasta.*
rm *RG.bam*
rm *unique.seqs
rm *uniq.seqs
rm *R1.fq.gz
rm *cov.stats
rm uniq.*
rm TotalRawSNPs.vcf
rm totalover.fasta
rm -Rf raw.vcf/
rm totaluniqseq.gz
rm -Rf trim_reports/
rm popmap
rm namelist
rm -Rf logfiles/
rm genome.file
rm fastp.*
rm dDocent*
rm cov.split.stats
rm Final.recode.vcf
rm freebayes.error
rm bamlist.list
rm nohup.out
rm mapped.bed
rm uniqCperindv
cd ../../
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